Welcome to Gaelens.
In 1994 we started the production of the Misérable. The family recipe of this fine Misérable has never been changed since 1923 and will never do, as long as we will produce it.

Traditional values, modern approach.
In the meanwhile, we have grown to be a modern bakery where quality is our major concern.
Since November 2006 we started a production in our expanded facilities. Therefore, we now have a facility of 1100m² in total.
Our workshop, bakery, etc., are installed with the HACCP and BRC standards in mind.

Today, we offer our clients around 30 products, cakes and tarts, all produced with the traditional recipes from the glorious past.
In our big assortment we not only have trendy goods, but a vast assortments of the all time classics: Misérable, Javanais, Tartine Russe, …

On one hand, we are flexible enough to follow rapid changes in the world of quality desserts and special requests. On the other hand, we can guaranty continuity of our obligations , thanks to our experience.
Our team consists of around 40 motivated people. Together with them, we can deliver quality goods and a remarkable service. Every product is produced with extensive care, because we work on it every day.

Paul, Nathalie & Isabelle Gaelens
It all started in 1923, when my grandfather Pierre Gaelens opened his bakery in Knokke with specialties like the Misérable and the Riz Condé.

A little piece of the tradition of Knokke was lost, when the bakery closed its doors, not long ago. But therefore the adepts of good taste will not loose their favorite desserts like the Misérable and the well known big assortment of other desserts.

Being grandson of Pierre Gaelens, I now continue the tradition of quality desserts.

Quality always!
Our priority is quality and the use of 100% guaranteed natural ingredients, without using preservatives, nor colorants.
Concerning hygiene and quality, we follow the most strict standards, from basic ingredient to final product.
All our products are produced, stocked and transported with controlled environment.